Environment and waste disposal
§ 1 Hinweise zum Batteriegesetz
Batteries and rechargeable batteries do not belong in the household waste.
After the battery law entered into force on Dec 1, 2009, all citizens are obliged,
Batteries and rechargeable batteries exclusively via trade or the specially decorated
Collection points must be disposed of (obligation of return).
Trade and manufacturers are obliged to take back these batteries and properly to dispose as hazardous waste to eliminate (obligation of redemption).


Batteries which are mercury, more than 0.0002 mass percent contain lead, cadmium or more than 0.0004 percent by mass, in addition with the chemical character of metals (Hg, CD, Pb) more than 0.0005% by mass to mark where the limit is exceeded.

§ 2 Hinweise zum Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetz
We would like to point out that consumers for free can leave their old electrical and electronic devices (such as laptops, cell phones, kitchen appliances) according to the regulations of the electrical and electronic equipment Act at the communal collection points.
§ 3 Verantwortliche Stelle
To contact us about the return of batteries together, please contact following Office:
CCTV World / DVS Germany GbR, Edmunds str. 80, D-48429 Rheine, e-Mail: